Standards, guidance and policies

Our national register of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors only includes practitioners who meet our exacting standards and training requirements.

UKCP standards of education and training

UKCP Adult Standards of Education and Training 2017

The minimum core criteria for psychotherapy with adults.

UKCP Child Psychotherapy Standards Of Education And Training 2019

The minimum core criteria for psychotherapy with children.

UKCP Family And Systemic Psychotherapy Standards Of Education And Training 2019

The minimum core criteria for family and systemic psychotherapy.

UKCP Adult Psychotherapeutic Counselling Standards Of Education And Training 2019

The minimum core criteria for psychotherapeutic counselling with adults.

UKCP Supervision Standards Of Education And Training 2018

The requirements for supervision courses run by our organisational members which lead to graduates joining the UKCP Directory of Supervisors.

Child and Young Person Proficiency Marker

Standards of proficiency for psychotherapists working with children and young people

UKCP Child Psychotherapeutic Counselling Standards of Education and Training (2020)

The minimum core criteria for psychotherapeutic counselling with children.


Developing standards

UKCP guidelines for colleges and member organisations on developing standards and codes of practice.

Codes Of Practice And Professional Conduct For Working With Children

Standards Of Supervision For Child Psychotherapists

Training Standards In Child Psychotherapy Accreditation Of Prior Learning APL APEL

Training Standards In Child Psychotherapy Post Qualifying Courses

College standards

College for Children and Young People (CCYP)

College of Family, Couple and Systemic Therapy (CFCST)

College of Outcome Oriented and Hypno-Psychotherapies (COOHP)

College for Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy (CSRP)

Constructivist and Existential College (CEC)

Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA)

Humanistic and Integrative College (HIPC)

Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Intersubjective Psychotherapy College (PCIPC)

University Training College (UTC)

Our code of ethics sets out the minimum generic ethical principles which UKCP registrants commit to and maintain.

The Code of Ethics and Professional Practice (2019)

Until 1 October 2019, the code in operation was the UKCP Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct (2009)

Assessment Guidelines

Assessment guidelines

Guidance For Psychotherapists 2019

Complaints guidance for therapists

Guidance On Psychological Therapies That Pathologise And Or Seek To Eliminate Or Reduce Same Sex Attraction

An elaboration of our Ethical Principles and Codes of Professional Conduct relevant to gay conversion therapy

Guidelines For Mental Health Familiarisation 2017

Guidelines for Mental Health Familiarisation (2017)

Guidelines For UKCP Organisations On Accrediting Already Qualified Practitioners

Guidelines for UKCP organisations on accrediting already qualified practitioners

Making A Complaint October 2020

Making a complaint

Online Training Guidelines

Online training guidelines

UKCP Practice Guidelines For Supervisors 2018

Practice guidelines for supervisors

Guidance For Therapists On Providing Services To Commissioners

Providing therapeutic services to commissioners

UKCP Safeguarding Guidelines 2018

Safeguarding guidelines

UKCP Security And Confidentiality Guidelines 2018

Security and confidentiality

UKCP Indicative Sanctions Guidance Version 31

UKCP Indicative Sanctions Guidance

UKCP Lone Working Guidance 2020

Lone Working Guidance

Restoration To The Register Guidance

Guidance to restoration to the UKCP Register following a period of time out of registration

CCP15 Rules November 2020

Complaints and conduct process rules (November 2020)


Continuing professional development – principles, requirements and guidelines for UKCP organisational members

UKCP Data Protection Policy

Data protection policy

UKCP Subject Access Request

Subject access request

Diversity And Equalities Statement

Diversity and equalities statement

Good Standing

Good standing

Policy On Complaints Against UKCP Dec 2020

Policy on complaints against UKCP

Publication Policy For Fitness To Practise Decisions

Publication policy for fitness to practise decisions

UKCP Re Accreditation Process Individual Members

Re-accreditation process for UKCP full clinical members

UKCP Registrant Sample Audit Policy 2018

Registrant sample audit policy

UKCP Statement On Reparative Therapies

Statement on the ‘reparative’ therapy of members of sexual minorities (Feb 2010)

UKCP Supervision Statement (2018)

Supervision statement

Use Of UKCP Logo Policy

UKCP logo policy

Membership Fees Refund

UKCP membership refund policy

UKCP Safeguarding Protocol

UKCP safeguarding protocol

Expense Policy 2021 Approved

UKCP’s expenses policy

UKCP Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy


Applicant Organisation/OMR forms

To download the Applicant Organisation/Organisational Member Review forms, please visit our join page and select the form and checklist relevant to your organisation type.

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