Policy and research

The UK is experiencing a mental health crisis, with rates of depression and anxiety worsening in the context of COVID-19. Behind every shocking statistic is a human story.

We are campaigning for a wider range of therapies to be available through the NHS to people from all walks of life. For those unable to pay for therapy privately, going without support can be devastating not only for the adult or child but for their loved ones, colleagues and communities.

Our public policy and research work is driven by our profound commitment to promote greater access to high-quality psychotherapies for everyone, regardless of background or circumstances.

We have a workforce of 10,000 experts ready and waiting to tackle this emergency today. Currently there are too few psychotherapy jobs in the NHS, which not only means an urgent public need is not being met but also an acute threat to the livelihoods of highly trained practitioners.

Our research work, in collaboration with leading universities and centres, provides vital evidence in support of our policy objectives. We also support our members in generating projects that demonstrate the benefits and cost-effectiveness of psychotherapy for clients and service users.

Public policy

Our public policy work is driven by a profound commitment to promoting greater access to high-quality psychotherapies for all members of the public, regardless of background or status. 


Research is central to the future of the psychotherapy profession and a key strategic objective of the organisation.

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Psychotherapy and society

Psychotherapeutic insights can inform many other areas of life beyond our immediate health, from the business sector, to education, to policy-making and even our climate.

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Psychotherapy evidence

There is a large body of evidence to show that psychotherapy works. Many studies, reviews, analyses, and trials have shown the efficacy of psychotherapy, demonstrating positive, enduring outcomes from both short-term and long-term intervention.

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