Psychotherapy training

Psychotherapists support people facing challenges in life, whether an emotional crisis such as grief or anxiety, job loss, relationship difficulties, addiction. Or it may be a sense that something is not right. If you want a career that truly changes lives, psychotherapy could be for you.

We accredit over 50 training organisations and we have more than 2,000 student and trainee members working towards becoming fully qualified psychotherapists or psychotherapeutic counsellors. UKCP accreditation is a hallmark of quality, and our approved qualifications offer an unrivalled depth of knowledge, skill, and practical experience.

Psychotherapy as a career

Are you looking for a challenging and meaningful career? Do you want to help people? If you want to do something that truly changes lives, psychotherapy could be for you.

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Train as a psychotherapist

People come to psychotherapy as a career from many different backgrounds and for many reasons. What they all have in common is that they want to help people.

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Psychotherapy training and accreditation Find a course

We regulate over 70 member organisations who offer expert training, accreditation or both. It is important to find the course and community of practice which is right for you.

Working with children and young people

To qualify as a UKCP-accredited psychotherapist working with children and young people and join our specialist register, you’d need to do specific training with one of our member organisations.

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How I became a therapist

UKCP psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors share their stories about how they entered the psychotherapy profession.

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Psychotherapy approaches

Choosing the ‘modality’ – a theory or philosophy, or a particular client group or method - that feels like the best fit will help you choose who to see, or what and where to study.

At UKCP different psychotherapeutic modalities are represented by our colleges, which are made up of members who share a philosophy of psychotherapy.

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