Seeking therapy

What is psychotherapy?

Anyone can benefit from psychotherapy. Talking to a trained professional can help you to explore your concerns, thoughts and feelings and improve your mental health.

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How to choose a therapist

Safe and not judged. Understood. Heard. The right therapist will help find better ways to cope with your problems and improve your emotional wellbeing.

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How to access psychotherapy in the UK

It can be hard to know where to start when you begin your search for a therapy. We've put together some advice on how you can access therapy through the NHS, voluntary sector or privately. 

Types of psychotherapy

All psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors are equipped to support you with challenges such as depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, life events such as childbirth, divorce, bereavement, or the loss of a job.

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How therapy works

There’s no single explanation for how psychotherapy works because each therapeutic relationship is unique and tailored to individual needs. 

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Therapy for children and young people

From experiencing anxiety to dealing with a bereavement, there’s a wide range of reasons why children and young people might benefit from seeing a psychotherapist or psychotherapeutic counsellor.

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Online and phone psychotherapy

You can access high quality psychotherapy from UKCP therapists who work on the phone and via video call. Whether in-person or remote, you will have the opportunity to explore issues or concerns you want to work on with your therapist.

Therapy ethics: what to expect

Seeking help takes courage. Feeling safe is important to get the most out of psychotherapy. Our psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors sign up to rigorous ethical standards which help set the foundation for your relationship with them.

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Psychotherapy FAQs

You’re bound to have lots of questions if you’re thinking about seeing a psychotherapist for the first time. You might find answers to some of them below.

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