Professional Regulatory Committee of the Colleges and Faculties (PRCCF)

The Professional Regulatory Committee of the Colleges and Faculties (PRCCF) is made up of chairs of all colleges and faculties or their designated alternate.

Its responsibilities are the following:

  • to submit college and faculty business plans along with budget requests to the Finance Committee collective for the funding of college and faculty work
  • to provide individuals for stakeholder consultations
  • to maintain and train a pool of modality assessors
  • to maintain a pool of external moderators with experience of delivering at MA level
  • to ensure that cross-modality standards are maintained
  • to approve college processes for assessing organisational members’ re-accreditation
  • to administer the organisational member quality review process.

Committee members

Helen Windsor Committee chair  Professional Regulatory Committee of the Colleges and Faculties
Ashlynne Ludlow College chair College for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapies (CCAP)
Kate Waters College chair College of Family, Couple and Systemic Psychotherapy (CFCSP)
Jonathan Fisher College chair College of Outcome Oriented and Hypno-psychotherapies (COOHP)
Svetlin Vrabtchev College chair College of Medical Psychotherapists (CMP)
Duncan Branley Acting college chair  College for Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy (CSRP)
Sharon Rooke  College chair Constructivist and Existential College (CEC)
Sarah Fahy College chair Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA)
Vacancy College representative Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College (HIPC)
Neil Gibson College chair Universities Training College (UTC)
Emily Rooney College chair Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Intersubjective Psychotherapy College (PCIPC)


In attendance

James Pickering, UKCP registrar

Dora Beggs, UKCP regulation and quality assurance manager

Committee administrator: Kristin Skarsholt, UKCP governance administration officer

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