Faculties and groups

There are a range of ways – both online and offline – for UKCP members to get together with others to discuss practice issues and developments in the profession. They range from faculties at the more formal end of the scale through special interest groups to psychotherapy clubs.


UKCP faculties are groups of members who share a mission or interest. Any UKCP member is welcome to join any faculty.

Faculties discuss and develop ideas. Faculties may, for example, develop and put forward standards of education and training for UKCP colleges to adopt.

Special interest groups

UKCP special interest groups are informal groups created by and for members who share a particular professional interest.

Members can create groups for any purpose in line with UKCP’s mission and values. We support groups by helping to publicise their activities to the wider membership.

We don't currently have any active groups. If you're interested in setting one up and want some help with your communications please get in touch with communications@ukcp.org.uk

Psychotherapy clubs

Psychotherapy Clubs are informal get-togethers where members can network, have fun, drink, eat, learn, socialise, supervise, create. Other mental health specialists are welcome to attend and participate.

Clubs are set up by members and we are happy to help promote them to all UKCP members. They can take many forms, from more formal talks to informal discussions. They can be in a pub over drinks or in someone’s front room. It’s up to you.

Both the Hampstead Psychotherapy Club and the Norfolk Psychotherapy Club have written articles in The Psychotherapist Magazine, explaining how and why they set up their clubs as well as what they do there.

We currently have active Psychotherapy Clubs in Hampstead, Liverpool and Norfolk.

If you would like UKCP to promote your Psychotherapy Club, please email communications@ukcp.org.uk.

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