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College of Outcome Oriented and Hypno-psychotherapies

Outcome oriented psychotherapies recognise that clients seek therapy in order to gain beneficial change. Therapist and client work together to develop a shared understanding of what outcomes and values will best assist the client to move toward their better mental health and personal goals.

Hypno-Psychotherapy is a form of (usually outcome-oriented) psychotherapy that uses naturally occurring altered states of awareness and relaxation (sometimes called hypnosis) as part of the psychotherapeutic work.

There are many ways of applying outcome oriented and hypno-psychotherapies; processes can include helping clients change limiting thought patterns and developing a clear sense of the future they want and how to get there. This sometimes involves addressing the pain and consequences of past experiences that are having negative impacts in the present.

Many outcome-oriented and hypno-psychotherapists integrate these with other related, approaches. What distinguishes outcome oriented and hypno-psychotherapies from other forms of psychotherapy is that they aim to help clients succeed in making specific behavioural and/or psychological changes in their life by developing the client’s access to their own creative, healing and problem-solving resources.

Contact details

College Chair: Pamela Gawler-Wright


Standards of Education and Training

You can read about the standards of education and training for the College of Hypno-psychotherapists on our standards, guidance and policies page.

Training organisations in this college

Organisations that train and accredit their own graduates or whose trainings lead to UKCP accreditation.

Accrediting organisations in this college

Organisations that accredit trained individuals to our national register.

Listing organisations in this college

Our listing organisations are professional bodies which re-accredit registrants onto the UKCP Register. Listing organisations do not train or accredit professionals who have not been accredited previously onto the register.

Practice Policies

CPD and Ongoing Supervision Policy

Application Form and Guidance for Restoration to the Register after a Voluntary Break