Members' Forum

The Members’ Forum is a debating chamber where any member may have their voice heard. Its purpose is to facilitate better communication between different parts of UKCP, regardless of where people are based, their psychotherapeutic approach, or their activities or services within UKCP.

The Forum is designed to:

  • promote and foster participation and dialogue across our organisation
  • allow discussion of the issues relevant to the direction, ethos and strategy of UKCP
  • encourage and support good practice and innovative thinking at the leading edge of psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling.

The Members’ Forum acts in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees. It can submit questions or recommendations to the Board and may, if necessary, call for an election to remove elected trustees, the Chair or Vice-Chair of UKCP.

Any UKCP member may attend Forum meetings but only elected/nominated Members’ Forum members have a vote.  Each UK nation or region has two representatives at the Forum.

The Members’ Forum is convened and chaired by a moderator who has a non-voting place on our Board of Trustees. This creates a clear link between the Members’ Forum and Board of Trustees, ensuring the moderator is able to represent and communicate the views of the Forum directly to the Board, without having to take on the responsibilities of a trustee.


Maura Sills


Please email Alex Crawford, UKCP Governance Manager, at email address if you have any questions about the Members’ Forum.

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