UKCP Chair and UKCP trustee candidates announced

UKCP is calling elections.

UKCP received two nominations for the position of Chair and three nominations for the position of trustee, and will therefore have an election.

The candidates for election are in alphabetical order of last name.


Chair candidates

S. Azmatullah – CV

S. Azmatullah – Chair election statement

S. Azmatullah – Responses to questions from members

C. Buckland – CV

C. Buckland – Chair election statement

C. Buckland – Responses to questions from members


Trustee candidates

J. Lucas – CV

J. Lucas – Trustee election statement

J. Lucas – Responses to questions from members

J. North – CV

J. North – Trustee election statement

J. North – Responses to questions from members


Code of conduct

Our UKCP Code of Conduct for Elections applies to all UKCP members as well as candidates, their proposers and other 'active' supporters. The objectives of the code are to

  • ensure that campaigning by candidates is carried out in an honest, fair and respectful way, and
  • protect the standing and reputation of UKCP candidates, members, officers and employees.


How to vote

Voting opens on Tuesday, 19 October. All full clinical, non-clinical and organisational members of UKCP are eligible to vote. For your vote to count, your membership must be up-to-date when the voting period opens and when it closes.

We have appointed Civica Election Services (CES) to administrate the voting. Members who eligible to vote will receive voting instructions from CES prior to voting opening on 19 October.

Key dates for the election  
16 August 2021 Nominations open
3 September 2021 Nominations close
6 to 17 September 2021 Vetting of candidates
20 September 2021 Candidates are announced and campaigning begins
8 October 2021 Campaigning closes
19 October 2021 Voting opens
3 November 2021 Voting closes
5 November 2021 Candidates notified of results
8 November 2021 Results announced to members


For the elected Chair there will be a four-month handover with the outgoing Chair from 9 November 2021 to 16 March 2022 during which time they will be a trustee and Chair Elect. They will take office as Chair on 17 March 2022.

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