Pre-retirement Add-on

The Pre-retirement Add-on is available to registrants who will retire from all clinical practice within two years. It is designed to support members who are winding down their clinical practice.

Eligible members who receive the Add-on will:

  • pay a membership fee which is 25 per cent less than the usual full clinical fee
  • be exempt from the annual random audit and reaccreditation process while they have the Add-on applied to their membership.

How to apply

To have the Pre-retirement Add-on applied to your full-clinical membership, you can apply online.

  • If you have been reaccredited within the last two years, you simply need to complete the online application form.
  • If you were reaccredited three to four years ago, you will need to complete the online application form and a review form.
  • If you are due for your five-yearly reaccreditation, you must reaccredit in order to be compliant with UKCP registration and eligible to apply for the Add-On. Please contact your organisational member or contact our Regulation Team by emailing

Please note the Pre-retirement Add-on lasts for a maximum of two years and can only be applied for and received by a member once.


How our Organisational Members are supporting the Add-on

Organisational members will support the process by reviewing applications and approving review forms for registrants who last reaccredited three and four years ago. If a registrant is due or past due for their five-yearly reaccreditation process, that must be completed for them to be eligible to apply for the Add-on.

Once a registrant has the Pre-retirement Add-on, they will not need to be reaccredited if they go on to retire. However, if they decide to return to full clinical practice rather than retiring and their reaccreditation date has passed, organisations (or the UKCP Regulation Team) will need to reaccredit them.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Pre-retirement Add-on change my membership status?

It won’t. Apart from the two benefits listed above, those with the Pre-retirement Add-on will still be registrants so will receive the same membership benefits as before – for example, you will still be listed on our National Register and receive a membership certificate. You will also be required to uphold the same high standards of practice such as maintaining the usual amounts of supervision and CPD, and will still be subject to our ethical codes and complaints procedure(s).

Can I change my mind about retiring?

Yes, we know that circumstance can change. Registrants with the Pre-Retirement Add-on can choose to have the Add-on removed from their membership grade. However, you can only choose to do this once and will be asked to pay the difference in fee for the standard Full Clinical membership grade. A re-instatement fee of £50 will also be charged. Additionally, you will be required to undertake the re-accreditation process if your normal five-yearly re-accreditation was due during the time of the Add-on.

What happens after two years?

After two years as a full clinical member with the Pre-retirement Add-on, you will be offered UKCP’s retired membership grade. You can move to the Retired grade at any point during the two years if you finish your clinical practice earlier.

If you have further questions not answered here, please email


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