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Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) plays a key role in enabling UKCP to meet its responsibility to maintain professional standards of excellence. It oversees the Complaints and Conduct Process (CCP).

The remit of the PCC is to oversee the role, function and management of the CCP. This involves working closely with the Complaints and Conduct team and other UKCP staff. PCC members review complaints and advise on whether complaints should be referred to an Adjudication Panel.

Committee members

Committee Chair: Brian Linfield MBE

Clemens-Emanuel Gutwenger
Sheila Foxgold
Graham Briscoe
Kedzie Penfield
Kellie Green
Karen Rowe (UKCP Ethics Committee representative)

In attendance

Committee administrator: Eloise Cadman, UKCP Complaints Assistant

Learning from the Complaints and Conduct Process

The complaints we receive can range from serious professional misconduct to expressions of dissatisfaction with a service. Whatever the cause or severity, each complaint is an opportunity for learning. By highlighting the causes of complaints, we hope that members will review their current practices and procedures in order to avoid circumstances in which such trigger points may arise.

We are producing a series of guidance articles on what we are learning from the complaints received by the UKCP Complaints Team which you can read in the complaints section of this website.

Annual report of the Professional Conduct Committee

UKCP’s Professional Conduct Committee publishes an annual report setting out key statistics for the year(s) covered. These include the number of general enquiries and complaints received, the number of cases considered and accepted, and the types of complaint received.


PCC Annual report front page

Professional Conduct Committee report 1 January 2018-31 December 2018


Cover of the complaints handling 2017 annual report

Professional Conduct Committee report 1 January 2017-31 December 2017


Front cover of the PCC annual report 2016

Professional Conduct Committee report 1 January 2016-31 December 2016


Professional Conduct Committee report 1 January 2014-31 December 2015

Professional Conduct Committee report 1 January 2014-31 December 2015



Professional Conduct Committee report 1 April to 31 December 2013.