Finance, Risk and Audit Committee (FRAC)

The Finance, Risk and Audit Committee (FRAC) is a sub-committee of the Board of UKCP, and undertakes all of its work on behalf of the Trustees. It reports back to the Board through the Treasurer. The FRAC is responsible for proposing a budget to the Board of Trustees in accordance with the Board’s established strategic plan.

Committee membership comprises the UKCP Chief Executive, Treasurer, and the Finance Manager.

Committee members

David Fitzgerald

Committee Chair: David Fitzgerald, UKCP Treasurer (voting member)

John Loughrey, UKCP Trustee (voting member)
John Nuttall, co-opted member (voting member)
Fiona Biddle, co-opted member (voting member)
Sian Lloyd, co-opted member (voting member)
Jacqui McCouat, UKCP Trustee (voting member – co-opted)
Wendy Smith, outsourced Finance Manager (non-voting member)
Viki Calais, Chief Operating Officer (non-voting member)
Sarah Niblock, Chief Executive Officer (non-voting member)

In attendance

Committee administrator: Alex Crawford, UKCP Governance Manager (non-voting)

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