Continuing professional development (CPD)

Our members undertake a range of activities to develop professional awareness in contemporary thinking, which includes elements of reflective and reflexive practices. Normally these consist of clinical supervision, research, attendance at conferences and workshops or private study, as outlined in our CPD Policy.

As one of the requirements for re-accreditation, we want to support our members during lockdown to find new ways of undertaking continuing professional development (CPD).

Normally a minimum of 20 hours of CPD in any given year and 250 hours across five years is expected of members. In light of COVID-19, our members are finding new and creative ways of undertaking CPD, and more are becoming available and accessible every week. These include webinars, online training sessions, remote-meeting networking, remote peer meetings, remote committee work, online courses and extensive reading. We want to reassure you that we are being flexible in our expectations around what CPD you’re getting, and how you’re getting it.

We encourage our members to contact their organisational members/colleges to find out what they’re recommending, to communicate their concerns, and to see what support/CPD they might be putting together which is specific to their modality.

As a starting point, we have listed some useful places to find resources which could help you accrue CPD hours.


UKCP webinars

We listened to our members’ feedback and launched a series of webinars which are available to watch online. Our live webinars and recordings are an exclusive benefit for UKCP members so please email our Communications Team for more information on how to access the videos.


UKCP organisational members’ events pages

Association of Core Process Psychotherapists
Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy
Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK
Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice
Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy
Association of Jungian Analysts


Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling
Beeleaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy
British Psychodrama Association


Centre for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy
Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education
Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research
Centre for Transpersonal Psychology


Ellesmere Centre for Psychotherapy Training Limited


Forum for Independent Psychotherapists


Gestalt Centre London
Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute
Group Analysis South West


Hallam Institute of Psychotherapy


Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists
Institute of Family Therapy
Institute of Group Analysis
Institute of Psychosynthesis
Institute of Psychotherapy and Social Studies


Karuna Institute


Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy
Matrix College of Counselling and Psychotherapy
Metanoia Institute
Minster Centre


National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
Northern Guild Psychotherapy and Counselling
Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations


UK Personal Construct Psychology Association
Psychosynthesis Trust


Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology


Scarborough Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute
Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute
Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Society for Existential Analysis


Tara Rokpa Therapy Association
The Berne Institute
The Bowlby Centre
The Guild of Analytical Psychologists
The Guild of Psychotherapists
Therapy and Counselling Teesside (TACT)




West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy
WPF Therapy Ltd
Welsh Psychotherapy Institute

If you are a UKCP organisational member and would like your online events added to this list, please email


Useful links

There are many organisations aiming to provide CPD online. We encourage members to contact their organisational members/colleges to verify if the chosen training meets the requirements for CPD hours.

Freud Museum
The Melanie Klein Archive


Reaccreditation and annual audit

We anticipate that organisational members will be supportive, flexible and pragmatic when undertaking their annual CPD checks and reviewing reaccreditation submissions, much like we will in relation to the annual random audit. This is reflected on our organisational members guidance page. If you are struggling to meet requirements around CPD hours, you should communicate any concerns you have with your organisational member/college.

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