Annual registrant sample audit

To maintain the integrity of our register and high standards of regulation, UKCP undertakes annual random audits of registered individual members. Each year we randomly select a 3% sample of our registered members for compulsory participation in the audit.

We undertake this process in nine batches. Those selected will be notified via email at specific points in the year. Auditees have approximately four weeks to meet the deadline for submission.

An update on COVID-19 and your audit submission

We recognise the current impact of COVID-19, and the difficulties it might cause in collating your audit evidence. Your submission may be delayed due to you or others being unwell, or other circumstances. Some suggestions to manage this could include:

  • Arrange to meet with your supervisor for a brief discussion
  • Arrange for them to see your qualification(s) (normally digitally)
  • Please ask them to email you with confirmation that (a) you have spoken and (b) that they have seen the same digital copies of qualifications that you will be sending to UKCP and that it is a true copy of the original
  • Send your supervisor's confirmation email to us as part of your audit submission

This is only a suggestion. It’s up to you to provide the required evidence for your audit submission.

We continue to be flexible in our approach to supporting members, so please do contact us to discuss circumstances which might delay your audit submission.

Email the team



The following is a brief list of requirements for audit submissions. For more detailed information, examples of documentation, and further guidance, please refer to the Audit Submission Form and Guidance Notes.

Those selected for audit will be asked to provide evidence of the following:

  • Clinical Hours
    Auditees are required to confirm whether they are in clinical practice and what their clinical hours were during the audit period of January to December.

  • Supervision during the 12 months audit period.
    Auditees are required to submit evidence of supervision hours received undertaken during the audit period of January  to December. Auditees also list any hours they spent supervising others.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) during the 12 months audit period
    Auditees are required to submit CPD logs and documents, statements or other evidence of CPD undertaken during the audit period of January to December.

  • Certificates of qualification 
    Auditees are required to submit all relevant qualifying certificates, for example degree certificates, diplomas, confirmation of accreditation, etc.

  • Certificate of professional indemnity insurance
    Auditees are required to submit evidence of their professional indemnity insurance. This could include a statement from your employer confirming their coverage for you, or your insurance certificate which covers your private practice.

  • Additional documents
    Auditees should submit any additional documents required by your organisation or college which are required for membership.

Audit outcome

The UKCP Regulation Team examine the documents presented and notify auditees of the outcome by email.


More information

UKCP’s policy documents, including CPD Policy, Supervision Policy and training standards, can be found on the standards, guidance and policies page.

More information regarding CPD, supervision, sabbaticals and other modality-specific requirements can be obtained directly from the relevant organisational member or college.

See our previous audit report here.

Please email the team for any additional queries about the audit below or the Audit Submission Form and Guidance Notes.

Frequently asked questions

UKCP undertakes annual random audits of individual registrants to maintain the integrity of our register and regulation standards.

You will find the deadline for your completed submission in the email telling you that you have been selected. As we carry out the audit in batches, this will vary from batch to batch.

If you do not have qualification certificates, you may include evidence of accreditation. For example, you could include original accreditation correspondence from your organisation or original letters of recommendation for acceptance into your organisation, as well as your CV. You can find information about this in the Audit Submission Form and Guidance.

Please contact the team at and they can assist.

Yes, you must submit documents to the audit. OM and college CPD/reaccreditation processes are separate processes to the audit, and our team do not see those documents. We are happy for you to use some of those documents as part of your submission if you feel they are relevant, however. Please contact the team at with any additional questions or check the Audit Submission Form and Guidance Notes for more information.

For further information about organisational membership and the application process, contact the Regulations Team on 020 7014 9955 or email

Auditees will be selected randomly for audit from a list of registrants who have not been a part of the annual audit in the previous 5 years.

We do our best to avoid holidays, half terms and other term breaks when setting out the deadlines for each batch of auditees. Even so, we understand that there are times when people find the deadline they receive difficult to meet because of prearranged commitments. Please contact the team to discuss your situation at

The audit is for the past year’s practise. If you’ve been following policy for completing CPD, this should not cause problems for completing an audit submission. We are happy to discuss this matter with you, including the possibility of deferment. Please contact the Regulation Team at for more information.

Please note that if you are not practising currently, but are continuing to meet all other membership requirements, there is a non-clinical membership category for non-practising members. Please email for more information.

If you are considering taking time out from your clinical practice, you should first notify your organisation of your circumstances (or college, in the case of direct members). You must be in compliance with UKCP’s CPD policy, as well as your organisation and college CPD policies, regarding sabbatical and taking time out.

Normally your submission will be reviewed within 8 weeks or less. You will receive an email confirming completion of the review, which may also contain feedback on your submission.

The audit review process will conclude before the end of the year and an audit report will be written on the findings.

Please email for any additional queries not answered above or in the Audit Submission Form and Guidance.

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