Contact us

Your thoughts and ideas are crucial to us in developing our three-year organisational strategy and we encourage you to get in touch. 

Whether you have insights after participating in one of our webinars, thoughts on our think pieces or general feedback on what should be included in the strategy, we are eager to hear from you.


How to give your feedback

If you want to send us your thoughts on anything to do with the strategy, then you can reply directly to the emails you receive from us, or email

You can also answer a few questions in this survey to have your say.


Providing feedback

When reaching out, please consider including the following details in your message:

  • The nature of your feedback (in response to a webinar, think piece, one of our strategy documents or just general thoughts etc.).
  • If applicable, reference specific documents or webpages for context.
  • Share your thoughts openly and constructively; your insights are instrumental in our strategic development.
  • Include your UKCP membership number.


Response commitment

Our aim is to create a channel for communication to ensure your voice contributes to the ongoing evolution of UKCP. Although we will not be able to respond directly to all feedback sent, everything we receive from members will be read and considered as the new strategy is developed. We will also produce a summary of all the feedback from members and this will be made available in autumn 2024.

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