New UKCP strategy

UKCP's new strategy seeks to create a collective vision for the future. 

UKCP is embarking on a process of creating a new strategy which will define and steer our work for the next three years.

This is an important step for the organisation which will involve a four-month period of engaging with members before the publication of the new strategy in the autumn of 2024.


Why a new strategy?

A well-defined strategy is the compass guiding an organisation towards common objectives. It ensures efforts are focused, resources are optimally directed, helps create efficiency and resilience and identifies and mitigates against risks.

A new three-year strategy for UKCP would aim to define what our common objectives are and make sure that the activities we do all align with these.


Engaging with you

We want to create a strategy that captures a collective vision for UKCP – which means your voice matters.

Over the next four months (from February until May) we will be inviting all members to actively participate in an engagement process. Your thoughts, insights and feedback will all be invaluable to shape the future direction of UKCP. These will be collated into a ‘play back’ report, which will be shared with members, summarising the feedback we received from you. This feedback will then help to drive the shape and direction of the new strategy.


How to get involved

There will be various ways in which you can actively participate in this engagement.

  • Join our webinars: Our series of four webinars will delve into key aspects of our organisation. A new webinar will be held each month from February until May. Visit our webinar page for more information and make sure you’re subscribed to our emails to be the first to know about upcoming events. You can subscribe to UKCP emails by updating your mailing preferences in your members area.
  • React to our think piece essays: Engage with our thought-provoking long-form content pieces which explore critical topics and mega-trends facing our organisation and the wider psychotherapy world. Three think pieces will be emailed out to members between February-May. Make sure you’re subscribed to our regular emails to receive the think pieces and join the discussion. 
  • Our CEO, Jon Levett, will also be emailing members during the engagement period (date TBC) with some indicative ideas on what could be included in a new strategy to help feed your creative juices.

Got something to say right now about what you would like to see included? Send it to

If you are unsubscribed from our emails, but would like to receive any of the above materials as they are published, please email

If you would like to feed back to us with ideas on any of the above documents, you can do so by emailing 

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