Research resources

Interested in doing research but don’t know how to start? Here are some resources to help you get more information.


Reading, digesting and citing academic articles are vital ways you can engage with research. Information about how to reference articles, citation generators, and finding open access articles can be found here.

Critically evaluating research articles

Not all journal articles are of equal quality. Knowing how to critically evaluate journal articles is a useful and important tool in reading and utilising research. A brief introduction to how to evaluate journal articles can be found here.

A guide to practice-based evidence and routine outcome measures

Practice based research is research conducted during routine clinical practice. Routine outcome measures are often used during this kind of research, though they may not be appropriate in all cases.  This guide introduces practice based research and routine outcome measures (ROMs).

Research Ethics

Research ethics are an essential part of all research projects. While the ethical procedures may vary depending on the project, fundamental ethical principles should always be followed. Here is a brief guide to the basic principles of research ethics and where to find more information.

How to write a journal article

Writing a journal article is an excellent opportunity to disseminate the research you have conducted to a wider audience. For more information on how to write an academic article and submit it to a journal, read this introductory guide.

Introduction to Qualitative Research

Qualitative research and psychotherapy research have a long, intertwined history. Qualitative research can provide a uniquely rich exploration of psychotherapeutic processes and client experiences. In this guide you will learn about different ways of conducting and analysing qualitative research.

A guide to finding and using different types of research

There are many different levels of research into psychotherapy from journal articles covering a single clinical trial to reviews which summarise current research on a particular topic.  In this guide we will look at some popular types of published research and where they can be found.


Get involved

There are several opportunities to get involved with our collaboration with the European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling, including book reviews, article reviews, and sitting on the international board. For more information on how to take part, please contact

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