Members vote for the Board to remain in post

The UKCP Board of Trustees will continue in their positions following the conclusion of the removal election.

In the election, 79.29% of votes were cast in favour of retaining the current Board.

A total of 2,588 votes were cast by eligible members, a turnout of 28.19%. Of these, 1,991 votes supported the current Board remaining in position, while 520 (20.71%) votes were cast for their removal. 77 chose to abstain.

The Board of Trustees said: 'We are grateful for the members' decision to support our continuation as Trustees. We are reflecting on the events of the past three months and are looking forward to strengthening connections with members. We will now start to move forward with our plans for the future which include finalising the three-year strategy for UKCP and becoming a more inclusive organisation that embraces diverse perspectives and fosters a sense of belonging for all.'

For more information about the election, please visit our elections page.

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