How to reduce your flight anxiety

UKCP psychotherapist Charlotte Fox Weber offers her top tips for battling a fear of flying.

First, try identifying your triggers. Weber tells, ‘Anxiety can sometimes dupe us into believing we are just applying common sense to a situation when in fact we are angst-ridden and we may not be assessing a situation as accurately as we might believe.’

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NHS workers: Stressed, depressed and anxious

Mental health problems are the main reason given for sick days by NHS workers, statistics reported in the Independent reveal.

Helga Pile, The Deputy Head of Health at the UK’s largest healthcare workers unions, said:  ‘The government urgently needs to invest in the NHS to cut staff shortages and reduce burnout, and workers suffering anxiety, depression and stress must get rapid access to mental health support services.’

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One in 12 boys are unhappy with their appearance

Research conducted by the Children’s Society has revealed a growing number of boys are experiencing increasing anxiety about their appearance, iNews reports.

With almost a quarter of a million children saying that they are unhappy with life, the highest number since 2009, what can be done about this ‘national scandal’?

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Are we too hard on ourselves when it comes to our appearance? Listen to our podcast where we discussed body image

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