Talking Therapies: Becoming body positive

Are we too hard on ourselves?

Some of us use a lot of negative self-talk when it comes to our bodies, which can damage our sense of self-worth and confidence. With pressure from media, advertising and society more prevalent than ever, it’s no wonder that 69% of the women that took part in the 2016 Dove Global Beauty and Confidence report felt pressure to reach unrealistic standards of beauty.

In this episode our CEO Professor Sarah Niblock sat down with Dr Christian Buckland to find out how we can become more body positive.

He says: ‘Therapy is a really powerful tool in gaining motivation for change. When we’re struggling with any emotional issue our motivation to do anything constructive or to change is totally zapped. Therapy can help gain momentum to become ready to change.’

And in her article for Psychologies magazine, Sarah says: ‘When we accept our bodies no longer represent who we are emotionally, intellectually or socially, then our self-esteem  no longer depends on our weight, hair colour or some other perceived imperfection.’

'Be a self-lover, not a self-hater' article

'Be a self-lover, not a self-hater' article

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