Brexit anxiety – how can we cope?

As the uncertainty of Brexit continues to be felt everywhere, our therapists are reporting more people taking their anxieties in the therapy room.

UKCP’s Chief Executive, Prof. Sarah Niblock talked to the Huffington Post about the impact the vote is having on relationships in particular.

‘Couples have actually broken up because they voted differently. There are generational splits, for instance between grandparents and grandchildren who were once close and loving,’

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But what can we do about this? How can we cope with news when there is so much uncertainty and it seems unrelenting?

‘Don’t let it overwhelm your every waking thought,’ Prof Niblock recommends. ‘Try compartmentalising your consumption of world events by setting a clear amount of time to interact with coverage – for example 30 minutes. Then make sure you balance that the rest of the time with positive interactions with others in person, exercise, family time and so on.’

You can read more tips on breaking the news cycle in this article.

And if you want to find out more about anxiety, you can listen to our podcast with UKCP psychotherapist and anxiety expert Prof Brett Kahr.

Remember you’re not alone in feeling anxious and our registered therapists are here to help you with your feelings. You can find a therapist to meet your needs using our Find a Therapist search.

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