Talking Therapies: ‘Why am I feeling anxious?’

In this instalment of our Talking Therapies podcast, produced in partnership with Psychologies magazine, we uncover what UKCP psychotherapist Professor Brett Kahr believes can cause someone to suffer with anxiety.

In this episode, Brett speaks to UKCP’s CEO Sarah Niblock.

Brett says: ‘It is vital to say that tragically the majority of people suffering from profound anxiety never seek help at all and they suffer in silence. So when I am asked what is the most common treatment administered for anxiety in the United Kingdom today, people expect you to answer “well drugs or talking therapy,” but in fact, the most common treatment for anxiety is no treatment at all, complete and utter neglect.’

In this month’s Psychologies magazine, Chief Executive, Prof Sarah Niblock, the impact that anxiety can have on someone’s life, she writes: ‘Imagine a world that is grey, where you are always on your guard waiting for the worst to happen… Sadly, this is the reality for millions of people in the UK experiencing anxiety.’

Brett Kahr Transcript

Read the transcript for this episode here.

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