Sarah-Jayne Wakefield, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Sarah-Jayne Wakefield

Bournemouth BH9
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Sarah-Jayne Wakefield, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Sarah-Jayne Wakefield

Bournemouth BH9
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About Me

Welcome to my profile. Finding the right person to help you overcome your difficulties can become overwhelming, I would gently suggest that you make your choice by whom you feel drawn too and take your time.
I am happy for you to contact me, in which ever way you feel comfortable with, making this first move to contact someone is the hardest step of all and it takes courage. We can have a chat and you can have a think about whether you think and feel I can help you and whether you would feel comfortable to share and work with me.
I am a UKCP registered, Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist/Counsellor. With 25 years of experience, of working with people with a wide range of difficulties. I work holistically which means I asses and encourage the coming together of your whole being. Your mental, physical and spiritual aspects of yourself.
Living in the world now, seems to becoming ever more challenging. Life has a tendency to pulverise us and is unrelenting at times, causing us anxiety, depression relationship difficulties, panick attacks. The relationship between us attends to this, giving you consistent and safe support, accompanying you on your journey. Qualities will emerge and give you confidence, to enable you to live and deal with life.
The 'problems' 'traumas' that you have experienced in the past or the present can stay with us on many levels, the feelings and thoughts, the difficulties of these issues may go away, and they may not, you may find you struggle with health issues, you have suffered a loss of a loved one. Some people bury them and try to forget them (humans have an amazing way of protecting themselves from problems and traumas.
But then something in our present lives triggers the feelings and thoughts again and we end up with anxiety and or depression panick or health issues. We can find ourselves repeating destructive patterns, no matter how hard we try not too or how much we try to avoid these patterns. This can sometimes cause us to isolate ourselves, or we find ways of coping with them that do no work for us anymore, and you yearn for something new. Our relationship that we will build, and always at a pace you feel comfortable with, will help relieve these symptoms.
Your confidence and self esteem will build and give you tools to take back control and empower you. Qualities such as, tolerance, resilience, forgiveness and the most fundamental quality of all, compassion for oneself. We all, I think give ourselves a harder time than anyone else.
I have a special interest in the transpersonal/spiritual aspect of our life. In the therapy this may seem like the last thing on your mind. This reveals itself in the sessions as working in a creative way. Not just talking. I involve working with meditation, visualisation, dreams, sand tray and body work.
Body work is about what happens at a mind/verbal level as well as with bodily experiences such as posture, movement, gestures, voice and breathing patterns. Furthermore, illness, dis-ease and life limiting illnesses are worked with.
What will emerge is a map of the psyche, the ancient traditions of Alchemy, Sufism, Chinese medicine will all be incorporated in the therapy in order, to attend to what needs to be attended too. Enabling you to life the life you desire and yearn for.
If you need and want to work on this deeper level then we can integrate this within the therapy. I enjoy working at this deeper level as well as. Ever since I can remember, as a child, spirituality has played a large part in my life. I have gained knowledge in many aspects and traditions. Attending various retreats and practices, meditations. Furthermore the advanced transpersonal diploma was a true gift, which I soaked up. Spiritual practices is a place where my heart and soul will truly sing! This is a calling for me, to work in this way too. This does reflect in my work some how, and if you feel inclined we can explore this within yourself
I provide short and long term work. Depending on what you need and want, again at your pace. Sometimes we just need a helping hand for a short time, and sometimes we need a longer amount of time in a safe, secure and confidential space for you to allow yourself to slowly begin to heal.
I hold workshops and meditations and group work. either
Red tent (women's group)
Kinesiology (5 Element's Model)
Health and wellness advice and support for living with Chronic Pain and Life limiting illnesses

I work with

  • Individuals

Types of Therapies Offered

  • Transpersonal Psychotherapist

What I can help with

  • Abuse

Bournemouth Office

Leamington Road
Bournemouth BH9 1DD

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UKCP College

  • Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College (HIPC)
Sarah-Jayne Wakefield

Sarah-Jayne Wakefield

Bournemouth BH9

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