Claire Spiller, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Claire Spiller

Penarth English
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Claire Spiller, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Claire Spiller

Penarth English
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My Approach

Contemporary Gestalt Psychotherapy (UKCP Accredited)

Online Qualified - Certified Cyber Therapist

Therapy sessions online (video call and phone - during Welsh goverment alert Level 0)

About Me

EUROPEAN CERT Psychotherapy;
Clinical Diploma & MSc. Gestalt Psychotherapy;
(Metanoia Institute & Middlesex University, Level 7, 2014)
Certificate in Clinical Supervision (Metanoia Institute, 2021)
Certified Cyber Therapist (Online Therapy Institute, 2021)
UKCP Registered & Accredited Gestalt Psychotherapist (2011164217),
Trainer, Consultant & Researcher

For enquiries please email: therapy at startmail dot com

I am a PhD Gestalt research student at the Metanoia Institute in London alongside private clinical practice.

I am a UKCP Registered and Accredited Gestalt Psychotherapist providing online and telephone psychotherapy to adult individuals. I hold a current and enhanced DBS certificate (Oct 2020).

I work experientially and over the years have found that exploring how we might work together during an initial consultation, can help to experience this approach directly.

In 2021, I was awarded the European Certificate of Psychotherapy, by the European Association for Psychotherapy (

I initially qualified in Counselling at level 4 in the year 2000 and in 2014, qualified as a Psychotherapist with an MSc and Clinical Diploma at Level 7 from the Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University.

I have a Certificate in Clinical Supervision from the Metanoia Institute.

I am also qualified in online and remote psychotherapy after graduating from the Certified Cyber Therapist specialist training programme at the Online Therapy Institute.

I have an interest in cyber security and data protection and am a member of a specialist organisation for psychotherapists called 'Privacy4' who have delivered many UKCP webinars focused on data security.

I offer support to therapy students in developing your own style of academic writing.


I am a qualified trainer with a background in writing, designing and delivering a range of courses locally and nationally within face-to-face and online groups; specialising in training therapists and multi-agency health and education professionals across the public and third sectors, in issues relating to counselling, adult mental health and wellbeing.

During lockdown, I also delivered mindfulness sessions online as part of a community mental health project. Through my background in digital training spaces, I've seen how working online can reveal new ways of learning, widening access for groups to explore and discover together across different towns, cities and countries.

The Online Therapy Institute helped me bring my experience to develop creative online spaces for psychotherapy.

I work remotely and I offer psychotherapy online and by telephone in a small private practice. I use a secure video calling platform called ‘Zoom’ for online sessions with enhanced security features and a Virtual Private Network for encryption.


I have been working remotely as a therapist since 2017, in addition to my work in-person before the pandemic.

During March 2020, I moved my private practice online, in line with the continuing regulatory guidance during the pandemic.

Psychotherapy by video call offers an effective and creative way to:

• Have sessions in your own space at home or if you are away;
• Avoid the need to travel to a consulting room;


• You will need a webcam;
• A stable internet connection;
• Access to use the Zoom video calling platform
(as a trainer I can help/advise with this)
• To be within a confidential environment; free from distraction;
• A headset can offer enhanced privacy;
• Be sure to have data if you are using a mobile device;


• You will be sent a new Zoom link for each session;
• You’ll receive this via encrypted email for security;
• The link will be password protected;
• The password to access Zoom will be in the encrypted email;
• On clicking the link, the system prompts to input the password;
• You will then be directed to a virtual waiting room and
• At the appointment time you’ll be invited into the online room


If you do not have a computer or internet connection, telephone counselling may be an option for you. It may also be your preference. I have also been working as a therapist by phone for several years prior to the pandemic. I make the call so you don’t incur phone charges. It is important to have a confidential environment, free from distraction, in which you cannot be overheard.

I have a dedicated mobile for telephone therapy and a comprehensive understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation.

I provide a GDPR Privacy notice with further information about how your data is protected working remotely. I welcome queries and if we agree to work together, I ask you to sign the Privacy notice with the terms of psychotherapy.

I am committed to online safety and data security.


I welcome enquiries for psychotherapy regarding a range of issues, including: work related stress; feeling stuck; work related sickness; anxiety; grievance procedures; targets; performance; capability; work place dynamics; depression; relationship issues; self-harm, traumatic experiences; post-traumatic stress; developing confidence; self-esteem; sexual & domestic abuse and violence; loss; bereavement and anxiety within the Covid-19 pandemic.

I work as an associate psychotherapist for a national employee support service, working therapeutically with front line staff, senior managerial and professionals across sectors.

I work with people from a wide range of diverse, neurodiverse and multi-faith communities.

I have extensive experience of:

• Trauma-focused psychotherapy with adult individuals;

I have particular interest in the integration of gestalt psychotherapy theory to clinical practice, trauma theory and embodied relational patterns of experience. I am particularly interested in the integration of theory to practice from the existential roots of Gestalt therapy including Husserl; Heidegger; Merleau-Ponty; Paul Goodman’s theory of self and the phenomenology of being and movement.

I have completed the UKCP Covid-19 Online Working Guidance.


International Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy [IAAGT]
International Gestalt Therapy Study Group on Field-Emergent Self
New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy ~ Associate membership
The Society for Existential Analysis
Metanoia Institute, London
Privacy 4 Therapists [Data Protection & GDPR]
UKCP - Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College


• BA (Hons) Communication Studies
• Certificate of Higher Education in Counselling
• Advanced Certificate in Counselling
• Cognitive Behavioural Diploma in Counselling
• BACP Certificate of Proficiency (prior to moving to UKCP)
• Clinical Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy (Metanoia Institute, 2014)
• MSc in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy (Metanoia Institute, 2014)
• UKCP Registered and Accredited Clinical Psychotherapist
• Preparing to Teach in Post Compulsory Education and Training, (Cardiff Met Uni, 2018)
• Certificate in Teaching and Learning (Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2018)
• Certified Cyber Therapist (Online Therapy Institute, 2021)
• European Certificate of Psychotherapy (European Association for Psychotherapy, 2021)
• Certificate in Clinical Supervision (Metanoia Institute, 2021)


I am ongoingly engaged in continuous professional development which includes the following programmes:

• MPhil/PhD in Psychology – specialising in Gestalt Psychotherapy Theory and Practice –
Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University (current ongoing) (2020 - )

• Online Privacy Information Standard for Therapists – Privacy4 (current ongoing) (2020 - )

• Relational Interventions for New Psychopathologies in a Post-Pandemic World -
Istituto di Gestalt Human Communication Center; Italy {online} (current ongoing) (2021 - )


These are some of the recent conferences, seminars & courses I have attended:

Gestalt 2021: XXI International Gestalt Conference: Kiev Gestalt University {online}

• Kinaesthetic Resonance (2021)
• Phenomenological, Aesthetic & Field Approach (2021)
• The Border of Contact (2021)
• The Art of Self (2021)

International Interdisciplinary Congress of Gestalt Psychotherapy (2021) – Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina {online}

• Concepts in Supervision
• The Heart of Psychotherapeutic Change: Developing Presence
• Intimacy and Tenderness
• To Hold the Hand That Holds Our Hands: Responsive Contacting
• In And Out of Love


• Do we still favour those who are neurotypical? (2021)
• Perspectives from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (2021)
• Resilience, Dissociation & The Body: Restoring a sense of Self after Trauma (2021)
• Psychology of Video Games (2021)
• Data Protection & Privacy Online Certificate (2021)
• Phenomenology and Gestalt Psychotherapy (2020-2021)
• Embodied Intersubjectivities - The Body in the era of online therapy (2020)
• Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling (2020) (ACTO /
Association for Counselling and Therapy Online recognised training)
• Moving Your Practice Online – Online Therapy Institute (2020)
• UKCP Remote Working (2020)
• GDPR Essentials (2020)
• Cybersecurity and Data Protection for Therapists (2020)
• Exploring the Future of Therapy & the Mental Health Profession in a Post-Pandemic World
• Covid-19: Psychological Impact, Wellbeing and Mental Health – NHS (2020)
• Contact in a Virtual World (2020)
• Enhanced Understanding of Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence for Organisational Leaders (2020)
• Welsh Government National Training Framework -
Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015 /
Level 3: (Train the Trainer; 2020); Level 2: Ask & Act; (2019); Level 1: (2017);
• Essential Safeguarding Procedures for Adults and Children (2020)
• Counselling Adults on the Autistic Spectrum (2019)
• Trauma-informed teaching – Train the Trainer (2019)
• Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence: The Future of Psychotherapy (2019)
• Dialogue in Gestalt Psychotherapy {Martin Buber - the dialogic turn} (2015 - 2019)
• How Private is your Practice in Cyberspace? (2018)
• The General Data Protection Regulation (2018)
• Philosophy of Technology (2018)


Spiller, C. (2021). A Year of The Pandemic: Existential themes for psychotherapists. Existential Analysis, 32 (2), 250 – 261.

Spiller, C. (2021). Gestaltterapiens bankende hjerte. Årbok 2021, Norsk Gestaltterapeutforening, 122; Norsk Gestaltterapeutforening.
(ISSN 2703-9315)

I work with

  • Companies
  • Groups
  • Individuals
  • Private healthcare referrals

Special Interests

Like all UKCP registered psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors I can work with a wide range of issues, but here are some areas in which I have a special interest or additional experience.

Types of Therapies Offered

  • Gestalt Psychotherapist

What I can help with

  • Abuse
  • Age-related Issues
  • Chronic Illness
  • Employment Difficulties
  • Health-related Issues
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Race Issues
  • Relationships
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Stress
  • Trauma

Types of sessions

  • Online Therapy
  • Telephone Therapy

Penarth Office

South Wales

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UKCP College

  • Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College (HIPC)
Claire Spiller

Claire Spiller


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