Nayer Ravandi

London N1
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Nayer Ravandi

London N1
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My Approach

I am an Existential psychotherapist, however I use an Integrative approach which enables me to meet my clients needs with diverse issues.

About Me

I have a master’s degree in Existential psychotherapy and counselling. I hold a full clinical psychotherapy membership with UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), I am accredited psychotherapist. I adhere by their Ethical Principles and code of conduct. I have listed on the UKCP register.
I have a post graduate Diploma level 7 in integrative clinical supervision. I have a BSc (Hons) degree in psychology. I am a member of BPS (British psychological society).
I have over 15 years of practicing as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor in various counselling services as well as in my private practice. During my studies and working, I have developed a strong understanding of mental health issues, diversity, intersectionality, homelessness, multiple traumas, loss, grief, loneliness, and emotional and physical pain. I have specialised in a cultural therapy. I have an extensive managerial experience as well as supervision in different work settings. I have always promoted an inclusive, relational, holistic, strength based, and trauma informed practices.
How I work:
I believe that in a safe environment you can be able to explore and understand issues you are facing. Through psychotherapy you will learn to make your choices and decisions and take control of your life. The aim of psychotherapy is to provide you with an opportunity to work towards a satisfying and meaningful life.
My role as a therapist is to facilitate the therapeutic work by creating a safe, non- judgemental and confidential environment, for the clients.
I am an existential psychotherapist, but I use an integrative approach to meet my client’s needs.
I use an Embodiment approach to bring awareness to breath, body sensations and movement as a way into feeling and unconscious process and communications. Sometimes feelings are hard to access/ name where you ‘tune in’ to yourself through awareness of body process and symptoms.
I also use creative approaches like drawing, colours, imaginations, and visualisations as a way of enabling you to express your emotions.
I offer short- and long-term psychotherapy and counselling. I work online, telephone and face to face.

I abide the Ethical framework and code of conduct of UKCP.

Services and fees:
I work with both individuals and couples.
Individual sessions 50 minutes: £65
Couple sessions 60 minutes: £70
Concession rates available for students/ those on low incomes.
I offer clinical supervisions (individual and group) for both counselling and psychotherapy trainees and qualified psychotherapists.
Individual supervision 60 minutes: £60
Group supervision 90 minutes: £75

I speak English, Farsi and Dari/Afkani

Qualifications and memberships
UKCP (United Kingdom Council for psychotherapists), UPCA (University Psychotherapy and Counselling association), BPS (British Psychological Society), BSC (Hons), Degree in Psychology, MA (Master’s degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling), and Postgraduate diploma level 7 in integrative clinical supervision.

My therapy room located in Holloway Road, London N7 6DL
To contact me to ask questions or to book a first meeting:
Mobile: 07423 546385

I work with

  • Couples
  • Families
  • Individuals

Special Interests

Like all UKCP registered psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors I can work with a wide range of issues, but here are some areas in which I have a special interest or additional experience.

Anxiety can be described as a feeling of unease, such as worrying or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. Anxiety can help us to focus or take extra care when needed, but if it gets too much or goes on for a while, it can affect our daily life. Counselling and psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to explore and understand what causing you anxiety, and then find ways of managing or overcoming of your anxiety.
Cultural issues cover a broad range of concerns including race, ethnicity, gender, disability, faith, and sexual orientation. Having a cultural awareness is the key to build cultural connection and less cultural conflict. Cultural awareness help us to break down cultural barriers, build cultural bridges and learn how to appreciate those different from us. In counselling and psychotherapy it is important to acknowledge how all types of diversity and differences impact a person's identity and how they relate to self, others and the physical world. Counselling and psychotherapy help people to explore and process their experience of being different, and to choose who they want to be and how to have a satisfactory life.
We sometimes go through periods of feeling down, but when we are depressed we feel persistently sad for weeks or months, rather than just a few days. Depression affects us in different ways and can cause a wide range of symptoms such as feelings of anxiety, unhappiness and hopelessness, losing interest in things you used to enjoy. They can be physical symptoms too, such as feeling tired, not sleeping well, and some aches and pains. The symptoms of depression range from mild to severe, you may feel persistently low in mood, while severe depression can make you feel suicidal, that life is no longer worth living.
Trauma is a response to a distressing event or situation that makes it difficult for a person to cope. Trauma comes in different forms such as abuse, divorce, serious illness, loss of loved one. Experiencing or witnessing traumatic events in childhood can have particularly devastating consequences. Trauma can affect a person emotionally, physically, and cognitively, and it can change a person's personality. Trauma can lead to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition in which people experience a variety of symptoms following after to a traumatic event. These may include flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, avoidance, and changes in mood and thinking.

Types of Therapies Offered

  • Existential Psychotherapist

What I can help with

  • Trauma

Types of sessions

  • Face to Face - Long Term
  • Face to Face - Short Term
  • Online Therapy
  • Telephone Therapy

London Office

24-27 White Lion Street
London N1 9PD

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N8 0HL
United Kingdom (UK)

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77 Lausanne Road
Flat 5

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UKCP College

  • Universities Training College (UTC)

Nayer Ravandi

London N1

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