Nathalie Krivine, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Nathalie Krivine

London N8 English, French
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Nathalie Krivine, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Nathalie Krivine

London N8 English, French
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My Approach

I use a relational attachment phased approach where individual therapeutic sessions are followed by joined family sessions which gives everyone the chance to feel heard and to be given the opportunity to communicate openly. This affords the possibility for safer non conflictual more connected conversations to take place.
I specialize in working with family conflict which can be triggered by transition milestones within the family such as a young person’s search for autonomy and identity as they enter adolescence. As part of the therapeutic service for young people across the age spectrum (both primary and secondary school children) concurrent to the therapeutic process with the family, I will work in partnership with the respective schools inclusive of pupil referral units and any other educational provision. This provides a joined approach for therapeutic repair.

I also offer family therapy for both families and couples in relation to themes of loss. It is my experience that any family or couple at any given time can experience both predictable and unpredictable lifecycle change as stressful such as bereavement, job loss, and infertility. It is often during this period of change that respective family members can sometimes struggle and feel emotionally neglected and unsupported feeling that they are not listened to and that subsequently their needs are not being met. Respective family members can subsequently experience high levels of anxiety and low mood as communication becomes more difficult and toxic.
A systemic therapeutic approach can help place a “pause button” on the escalated emotion and provide a safe contained space where expressed pain can be verbalised with a view to joint consideration being given to a collaborative process of change. As a therapist I employ a flexible timely emotionally attuned approach sitting alongside family members to support them through this process.

About Me

As a systemic family psychotherapist and social worker with over 32 years of working with families within a number of diverse and challenging settings (including the criminal justice system, social services, fostering and CAMHS). I have consolidated my experience within my family therapy practice to work relationally alongside families irrespective of their circumstances. My aim is to harness and facilitate both individuals and family’s resilience to embrace and become their own agents of change.

Within this context I am experienced in working with the symptomatic behaviour that relational trauma can bring. This can manifest in anxiety, low mood, self-harming, challenges with emotional regulation, aggressive behaviour and impulsive risk-taking behaviours. My systemic interventions use strength-based attachment relational interventions. I am influenced specifically by Emotion Focused Therapy, Dyadic Developmental Therapy, Theraplay, Attachment Narrative Therapy, Functional Family Therapy and None Violent Resistance (NVR) models.

I am aware that the family system has the potential to offer mediation and repair for emotional and behaviour difficulties, but that equally it can contribute to existing challenges through toxic behaviour often triggered by shaming and blaming narratives.

I work with

  • Children and young people
  • Couples
  • Families

Special Interests

Like all UKCP registered psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors I can work with a wide range of issues, but here are some areas in which I have a special interest or additional experience.

I offer a phased attachment relational approach working with families and young people (particularly adolescents) where there are communication difficulties and risk of adoption breakdown. I am informed by the work of Dan Hughes and have training in Dyadic Developmental Therapy, Theraplay and use techniques from NVR (Nonviolent Resistance Therapy) as well as strength based therapeutic approaches in mentalization.
I offer a outreach therapeutic programme to schools inclusive of pupil referral units which targets hard to reach young people. Bullying is often a feature of the complex presentation of the respective young person culminating often in conduct disorder issues both for the perpetrator and the victim. The therapeutic programme I offer uses a relational model to join the family, school and young person , with a view to addressing the underlying issue which has triggered such behaviour. The model privileges partnership working and hearing the young persons voice as part of the change process.
I offer a phased approach in family therapy where there has been communication breakdown which has potentially triggered toxic and challenging behaviour with respective family members within the family system. As a systemic family therapist I meet with all family members individually to afford all respective voices to be heard and supported prior to joined family therapy taking place. Within this context key life events for the family such as transition and loss and the impact that this can have on family members culminating in mental health difficulties such as depression and anxiety are addressed. A supportive therapeutic space is offered to address the respective emotional challenges for individuals and the subsequent impact on the family system as part of the change process.
As a family therapist I am informed by a number of strength based approaches such as Functional Family Therapy where investment is focused relationally on building up a strength based rapport with both parents and the respective young person.This relational approach which is also informed by attachment models is particularly helpful when parents are struggling with behaviour management issues and emotionally supporting their young person. This can become particularly difficult at key transition points such as adolescence. A young person's struggle for autonomy and a parents concern and anxiety can create communication challenges which can culminate in relationship breakdown.Using a phased relational approach where both individual and joined sessions are offered a safe supportive therapeutic environment gives the opportunity for new conversations to start taking place as part of the change process. In the final stage of the therapeutic process a behaviour relational plan is addressed informed by models such as NVR (Nonviolent Resistance Parenting) and where appropriate partnership working with other agencies such as schools is offered.
Using a relational approach informed by attachment relational interventions such as Emotion Focused Therapy I offer couples a phased relational approach of both individual and joined sessions to support in areas of communication breakdown. The triggers for the respective difficulties will be addressed in a supportive relational context with the couple to help them have agency in understanding the underlying emotional issues which have caused the impasse in their relationship. Themes around anxiety fear and control will be addressed in conjunction with looking at the different respective attachment styles each partner brings to the relationship. The pattern of communication will be mapped in partnership with the couple with a view to supporting them identify the changes that need to take place for the relationship to improve. Within the wider context external stressors such as loss and transition will be identified as potential contributing factors to the relationship difficulties.

Types of Therapies Offered

  • Family and Systemic Psychotherapist
  • Family Therapist
  • Systemic Family and Couple Psychotherapist
  • Systemic Psychotherapist

Types of sessions

  • Face to Face - Long Term
  • Face to Face - Short Term
  • Home Visits
  • Online Therapy
  • Telephone Therapy

London Office

London N8 9SE

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UKCP College

  • College of Family Couple and Systemic Psychotherapy (CFCSP)

Working with Children

For more information about therapy for children and young people, visit our info page.
Nathalie Krivine

Nathalie Krivine

London N8

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