Linda O'Hern, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Linda O'Hern

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Linda O'Hern, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Linda O'Hern

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My Approach

I use Transactional Analysis as my main model of therapy, supervision and training with an integrative relational developmental focus.  I have been working as a core tutor at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham for several years on the MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy which is based around a relational development model.  I am also an EMDR therapist.

About Me

Whilst we work together I will be encouraging you to be kind and compassionate towards yourself, others and the world so your sense of well-being improves with regard to your emotional and mental health.

I am passionate about supporting individuals, couples or groups to recognise their full potential, qualities and strengths. We will work together to identify areas you may benefit from changing. When we have ascertained what you want to achieve, explore to discover, I will stretch and challenge you by confronting and acknowledging the positive and negative bits of you that you may be choosing to ignore or overlook, sometimes this may feel uncomfortable and on occasion painful.

I am a trainer, supervisor and mentor so I highly value personal and professional growth. This impacts the way I work with you because I am progressive in nature and see lifelong learning and self-awareness as key to greater health and care in all aspects of our lives.

I work with adults because I believe the more knowledgeable they are about themselves, the impact their own parenting experiences has had, on them, and their parenting style with their children, the greater opportunity there is for providing improved experience within the home.

Outside of the therapy room I work to reduce the stigma attached to mental and emotional health issues. I am currently a UK Association of Transactional Analysis (UKATA) representative on the Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College Board (HIPC) within UKCP. I am also a tutor on the MSc Integrative Psychotherapy Course at the Sherwood Institute in Nottingham. Having a voice in both of these organisations is important because I remain current on political policies, ethical concerns and standards that impact the therapeutic community, trainees and clients.

I believe everyone has a personal responsibility for caring for their emotional and mental health. In my opinion, counselling and psychotherapy offer ways in which we can choose to exercise our brains, learn to express our feelings and accept ourselves and others in the world. They offer “Gym for the Mind and Soul”.

There are many valid ways to achieve awareness and change; life and cultural experiences, family and friends all have invaluable inputs to make; therapy though often provides an independent perspective that is rich because it steps outside of “your known world” to offer different insight and experience to that which you have grown up in, meaning you can consider change in areas you might never have considered.

I believe offering opportunities to work in groups therapeutically or psycho-educationally helps us to feel involved and included. Groups reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation because they help us to see and understand we are rarely on our own in our experiences. I find working in groups is particularly effective with regard to learning about how you interact and respond to others; I did a lot of my personal therapy in a group setting; it was an amazing experience, on occasions difficult and uncomfortable but different to what I had known and experienced previously. The experience opened up my world. Perhaps its time to consider opening up yours.

Finally, it is important that I provide you with a facilitating, welcoming environment in which to work, whether you attend as an individual, couple or group. So I hope you will take the opportunity to come along and find out more about therapy and how I practice. .

I work with

  • Companies
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Groups
  • Individuals
  • Private healthcare referrals

Special Interests

Like all UKCP registered psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors I can work with a wide range of issues, but here are some areas in which I have a special interest or additional experience.

Whatever form abuse comes in, it always impacts our emotional and cognitive well being. If it begins when we are young it can create Complex or culminative PTSD which is why I am interested in both abuse and trauma. More recently I am recognising the impact of inter-generational abuse and traumas within family systems and how we can be carrying unresolved pain and grief from our ancestors life experiences. This is a fascinating facet of the work I do with regards to the inner child and sometimes if a client is unable to make progress within therapy it is because they are carrying something for older generations.
I enjoy working with couples especially if they have children because their parenting skills will be impacted if they are unhappy and so will their children. My passion for psychotherapy comes from wanting better starts for babies and children. Happy and fulfilled parents produce and bring up loved and cared for children. Every child deserves to be cherished.
Working with families brings all my special interests together. If we can stop abuse and unnecessary trauma our children will grow and thrive rather than survive. They will develop well physically, emotionally, psychologically and physiologically.
EMDR is a tool I can use to help with present or past traumas. It is a method of reprocessing memories and facing into fears that are holding us back or keep triggering us into painful and difficult situations, so we feel like we are shaking inside and sometimes outside. We can feel like we are experiencing out of body sensations. It is exhausting to keep getting caught or rubber-banded back into old experiences in the present moment. EMDR and relational developmental understanding go well together in helping to work through the difficult. painful emotions and memories.

Types of Therapies Offered

  • Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist

What I can help with

  • Abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Depression
  • Parents
  • Relationships
  • Stress
  • Suicide
  • Supervision
  • Training
  • Trauma

Types of sessions

  • Online Therapy
  • Telephone Therapy

UKCP College

  • Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College (HIPC)
Linda O'Hern

Linda O'Hern

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