Karolina Christopher, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Karolina Christopher

London SE1 English, Swedish
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Karolina Christopher, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Karolina Christopher

London SE1 English, Swedish
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My Approach

I take a holistic view on emotional health and well-being. I offer relational, conversation-based therapy, and I also integrate somatic (body) work and and creative arts therapies in my practice.

About Me

Are you a highly sensitive, thoughtful, creative and/or gifted person? Do you need some support with anxiety, depression, overwhelm or trauma-related issues?

I offer a weekly space for you to share your story, reflect on your thoughts and feelings, and get some emotional support to help you figure out what you need in order to feel better.

I am an integrative psychotherapist trained in psychodynamic, humanistic and existential modalities, as well as body-based and creative therapies.

My specialism is in early relational (childhood) trauma. This is a type of trauma that stems from emotional disconnection in our early relationships. You may have had an early bereavement in the family, or you grew up in a home that lacked emotional warmth. Perhaps you felt criticised and belittled as a child, or you had to walk on egg shells in case someone got angry.

In adulthood, our early life experiences may show up as symptoms of anxiety or depression, low motivation, and an inner emptiness. You may lack direction in life and wonder: 'Who am I?'

In our work together, we may reflect on some of the following areas:

- Who you are, and what you want in life
- Self-care: Identify stressors, needs and boundaries
- Early life experiences and subsequent life story
- How to manage difficult thoughts and feelings
- Your personal relationships
- The ways you may self-sabotage or hold yourself back
- How to heal and grow after trauma

I have a special interest in working with individuals who identify as highly sensitive (HSP), creative and/or gifted.

To book a free 20-minute introductory call, please email me on karolina.christopher@pm.me.

For a more information about my services and qualifications, please visit my website.

I work with

  • Individuals

Special Interests

Like all UKCP registered psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors I can work with a wide range of issues, but here are some areas in which I have a special interest or additional experience.

Symptoms of anxiety can range between mild to severe. You may experience mild worry or be preoccupied with recurring thoughts, catastrophising, overanalysing what someone (or you yourself) has said or done. At the other end you may experience panic attacks. This can feel very scary. You may or may not know the underlying reason for your anxiety. Therapy can help to disentangle what is going on so you can make sense of it. I help you process your feelings and support you with effective tools for emotion-regulation, so you can find a way towards calm and clarity.
Depression can have many different symptoms: you may experience low mood, sadness, anger or irritability, an inner emptiness or low motivation. Stress, overwhelm and burnout can make things worse, until things feel unmanageable. Therapy can offer a space to reflect on your feelings, thoughts and experiences and find out where they come from, so that you can begin to make some changes to support your well-being moving forward. This often means processing grief and trauma. Depression doesn't have to be a life sentence - with the right support, things can get better.
All sessions take place online via Zoom. I offer a free 20-minute introductory call. Please email me on karolina.christopher@pm.me to book your appointment.
Any difficult or traumatic experience impacts the nervous system and can leave an individual in a state of high stress. Sometimes this eases off with time, but sometimes we need support. Trauma is held in the body, and I am trained in somatic therapies to help you process the emotions and regulate the body back to a calm state.
I specialise in early relational (childhood) trauma and symptoms of C-PTSD following a loss of a parent, abandonment, abuse and neglect. Narcissistic parenting can also lead to emotional trauma. Other common experiences are being bullied, having a parent with depression or a parent who abuses alcohol. I also support those who have suffered trauma at school due to being highly gifted.

Types of Therapies Offered

  • Integrative Psychotherapist

What I can help with

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Trauma

Types of sessions

  • Online Therapy

London Office

London SE1

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UKCP College

  • Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College (HIPC)
Karolina Christopher

Karolina Christopher

London SE1

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