Silva Neves

The power of connection and a sense of belonging drew Silva Neves to psychotherapy. 

As a gay man who grew up in a rural area, I often felt alone and disconnected. I didn’t know there were other people like me. In the city, I met my LGBTQIA+ community and was amazed at the healing power of human connection. During my original psychotherapy training, I knew I was going to be a humanistic and relational therapist. I then became a College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists- accredited psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist and a trauma therapist.

I’m passionate about offering a relational and therapeutic space for my clients, including those from the LGBTQIA+ community. Along the way, I also found joy in helping therapists grow and flourish in my role as a clinical supervisor and connecting with my psychotherapy community. I feel grateful to be a psychotherapist every day.

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