John-Paul Davies

John-Paul Davies shares his journey to becoming a UKCP accredited psychotherapist.

I started training as a psychotherapist on a one-year career break from working in the City of London. I’d been a lawyer for 12 years up until that point and recently had my daughter. I needed to take some time to reassess my life and what I wanted from the future.

Over the course of the year, I did a screenwriting course, some voluntary work and completed a foundation course in counselling and psychotherapy. As soon as I had begun my therapy training, I realised that being a therapist was much closer to who I was and wanted to be. It felt less like a “job” and more like a way of being. It also fits more with the relationships I want in my life. I never went back to law after my career break. I’m genuinely grateful for the life I lead now as a psychotherapist.

A number of people have reached out to John-Paul, asking for advice on changing careers. In his YouTube video he answers some common questions from individuals seeking to pursue psychotherapy as a career, watch it here. He also talks about why he thinks a career in psychotherapy and counselling can be so fulfilling, watch that video here

A training course that is accredited by a professional body ensures that you receive high-quality knowledge, skill, and practical experience. If you are interested in training to become a therapist, then you can find out more about UKCP accredited training programmes:

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