Gary Bloom

Gary Bloom shares his journey to becoming a UKCP accredited psychotherapist.

For many years, I worked as a sports commentator. I was that bloke on the telly who shouted ‘goal!’ for a living. It was great fun, but it wasn’t as relational as I wanted.

I tried my hand at a few other things, but it was only when I went into therapy myself that something clicked. I tried a certificate year, learning basic counselling skills. This spurred me to continue and I completed a four-year postgraduate diploma.

Now, I’m back in the sporting realm as the only practitioner working psychotherapeutically in a professional football club with players and coaching staff.

I also work with elite athletes from other sports and non-athletes from the business community, and I find their needs similar. Although you will still find me broadcasting, my psychotherapeutic work is easily the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

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