Alivia Rose

Learning more about herself during therapy attracted Alivia Rose to the profession. 

I was in my late teens when I realised that meditation alone wasn’t helping me understand my feelings or why I felt the way I did. I was introduced to psychotherapy by a friend and it became a space where I could open up about my deep and painful feelings without judgment. I was fascinated and excited to learn more, and I chose to study the Gestalt psychotherapy model. I was interested in the attention to being in the present, the therapeutic relationship and the importance of the whole person. By understanding myself, I was drawn to work with others, so I could support them, often in their darkest hour.

During my career, I have integrated other therapeutic models. I ran the Gestalt Training Studio in North London and, 36 years after qualifying, I still feel privileged to listen to people in an authentic way every day and help them navigate difficult terrain

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