Talking Therapies: Why don’t men seek therapy?

Welcome back to Talking Therapies, a podcast produced in partnership with Psychologies Magazine. In this episode, our Head of Content, Matt Nicholls, spoke to UKCP psychotherapist Andy Cottom to uncover why men are far less likely to seek mental health support.

Andy says: ‘Until we get fathers being proud to be fathers this idea of masculinity will continue to toxify through the generations.’

In this month’s Psychologies magazine, Chief Executive, Prof Sarah Niblock, looks at the factors that affect men’s ability to talk about their emotions, she asks: ‘When did we last see a man showing less-than-robust emotional health, or even crying, in mainstream media?’

'Help for men's mental health' article

'Help for men's mental health' article

Andy Cottom Transcript

Read the transcript for this episode here.

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