Talking Therapies: ‘Why do I feel lonely in my relationship?’

In this episode of our Talking Therapies podcast, produced in partnership with Psychologies Magazine, our CEO Sarah Niblock delves into the world of relationships with UKCP psychotherapist Fe Robinson.

Why can we feel lonely despite being in a relationship?

Fe says: ‘Often people say ‘I want to go back,’ we can’t go back, but what you can do is go forwards and I find very often with couples that where there’s a strong love and commitment then actions can be worked with.’

In this month’s Psychologies magazine, Chief Executive, Prof Sarah Niblock, looks at real damage loneliness can create, she writes: ‘There is evidence that loneliness can raise the prospect of ill health by compromising our immune system. Loneliness certainly increases the risk of depression and anxiety by distorting our overall picture of our self worth.’

'Why do I feel lonely in my relationship?' article

'Why do I feel lonely in my relationship?' article

Fe Robinson Transcript

Read the transcript for this episode here.

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