Talking Therapies: What is love?

Do you know what love is?

With 70% of the British population in a relationship, shouldn’t we know more about it?

This month our CEO Sarah Niblock sat down with UKCP psychotherapists Dr Divine Charura to discuss self-love, our love for others and our love for humanity.

‘In order to understand the importance of self-love, I have to think about the dis-ease from not having it. Many of the people that I see as a psychologist or psychotherapist come because there are difficulties that have emerged from not having self-love.’

In her feature for Psychologies Magazine, our CEO Professor Sarah Niblock writes: ‘Our ideas and expectations around romantic love tend to come through our upbringing and socialisation, rather than our intrinsic nature.’

What's love got to do with it? article

What's love got to do with it? article

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