Talking Therapies: Permission to shine

This International Women’s Day we’re giving ourselves Permission to Shine. In this episode our Head of Content and Engagement Matt Nicholls speaks to UKCP psychotherapist Lou Lebentz to find out how and why we should allow ourselves to shine at work.

Lou says: ‘I think as a society in these days, our worth and our value are not placed on our own values within ourselves and who we are as human beings. Our worth and our value very much now is placed on what we look like, or the car that we drive, or the house we own, or how much money we’ve got in the bank.’

Stay tuned for talk on self-worth, imposter syndrome and thriving.

Prof Sarah Niblock, CEO of the UKCP, discusses the subject of self-worth in this month Psychologies Magazine. She writes: ‘It’s easy for women in particular to feel that we don’t measure up or deserve the praise we receive. Our psychotherapists at UKCP say it has become one of the main topics in the consulting room.

‘The good news is that therapy can be a powerful tool in releasing us from those self-limiting beliefs,’ she adds.

'Give yourself permission to shine' article

'Give yourself permission to shine' article

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