Talking Therapies: Navigating the cycle of emotions

The emotions that often ensue after a life-changing event can be overwhelming. A bereavement, job loss and a pandemic can trigger a chain of emotions that can feel impossible to navigate.

In this episode our CEO Sarah Niblock talks to UKCP psychotherapist Alivia Rose to discuss the emotional toll that unexpected events have on us and how we can find a path to healing.

‘When a client comes in the consulting room and sits down, they’re ready. And I normally ask what’s bought them to therapy at this time in their life and they’re just relieved, they just tell me they just start to unburden and share.’

In Psychologies Magazine, UKCP psychotherapist Alivia Rose outlines how a therapy session unfolds.

Recover From Major Emotional Life Events

Read our Psychologies magazine article.

Alivia Rose Transcript

Read the transcript for this episode here.

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