Talking Therapies: Is the news distracting you?

John-Paul Davies

John-Paul Davies

UKCP psychotherapist John-Paul Davies is a UKCP Transpersonal psychotherapist and author of personal development book “Finding a Balanced Connection” now available on Amazon.

We’ve all been caught off guard by an eye-catching headline, more often than not it will be a shocking news update that puts us in a hyper-vigilant state of concern.

But it’s not just the news. We can spend hours scrolling on social media. And when a picture or video catches our attention it is usually a negative one.

So, what can we do to stop ourselves feeling stressed or depressed from the ongoing news and social media cycle? We asked UKCP psychotherapist John-Paul Davies to find out.

‘We now not only have our own problems with our families or friends or work, we now have access to everybody else’s too.’

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