Talking Therapies: Is it normal to be anxious about sex?

Sexual anxiety affects more people than you think.

In this episode we sat down with UKCP psychotherapist Kate Moyle. As a psychosexual and relationship therapist Kate works with individuals to explore their relationship with sex.

Recently Kate featured in BBC Three’s Sex On The Couch where she helped couples have open conversations about their sex life.

She says: ‘We struggle with everything at some point and I don’t see how sex should be any different.’

Psychosexual and relationship therapists have noticed an increasing number of people seeking therapy for issues related to their sexuality. In her article for Psychologies magazine, our CEO Professor Sarah Niblock writes: ‘The questions most often asked in therapy are: “Is this normal?” and “Am I normal?” We’ve become so focused on external notions of ‘performance’ that we’ve lost sight of connection and emotion.’

'Conquering sexual anxiety' article

'Conquering sexual anxiety' article

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