Talking Therapies: Is a sport injury affecting my mental health?

Some of us make a career out of sport, and others engage in exercise to keep fit, socialise and destress. But when we get injured it can take an emotional toll on our mental wellbeing.

In this episode, UKCP’s CEO Sarah Niblock sits down with UKCP psychotherapist Gary Bloom to discuss his work with sportspeople and find out why more of us need to open up about the physical impact of injury.

‘Improvement in performance or getting over an injury is the by-product of my work, not the goal of my work.’

And in Psychologies Magazine, UKCP psychotherapist Gary Bloom outlines some questions to ask yourself if you think your sports injury is affecting you psychologically.

Why A Sports Injury Can Harm Our Mental Health

Read our Psychologies magazine article.

Gary Bloom Transcript

Read the transcript for this episode here.

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