Talking Therapies: How is your relationship power dynamic?

Nicholas Rose

Nicholas Rose

UKCP psychotherapist Nicholas Rose is a UKCP Existential and Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapist. He is also a regular media contributor to both local and national publications.


Many things can lead a couple to breaking point, but power often plays an important role in a relationship, and when dynamics go unchecked problems can often ensue. 

In this episode, UKCP’s CEO Sarah Niblock talks to UKCP psychotherapist Nicholas Rose as he outlines how to recognise when your power dynamics have become unhealthy, and the role of psychotherapy in helping find balance

‘For both people to want therapy for their relationship is important. Of course, one person can get their partner to come along to therapy, but if the other person doesn’t want it then that’s going to be problematic. And that says something about the potential for the relationship itself.’


And in Psychologies Magazine, UKCP psychotherapist Nicholas Rose gives us an idea of what a psychotherapeutic session would look like for a couple seeking support.

Balance The Power In Your Relationship

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Nicholas Rose Transcript

Read the transcript for this episode here.

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