Talking Therapies: How do you recognise compulsive sexual behaviour?

Have you ever wondered whether your sexual behaviours have become compulsive?

Access to sex and porn have changed drastically over the last decade. In our latest podcast we speak to UKCP psychotherapist Paula Hall to understand the psychology of sex and porn addiction, and how we can recognise healthy and problematic sexual behaviours.

‘I think the that the key difference between sex and porn addiction and any other kind of addiction is that abstinence is not the goal. It may be abstinence from certain types of problematic behaviours – and that needs to be defined by the client – but it is not about abstinence. It’s about changing your relationship with sex and sexuality, it’s about reclaiming your sexuality from compulsive behaviours.’

In Psychologies Magazine, UKCP psychotherapist Paula Hall outlines some questions to ask yourself if you’re concerned about your patterns of sexual behaviour.

April 2021 Psychologies feature

April 2021 Psychologies feature

Are You Using Sex For Comfort?

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Paula Hall Transcript

Read the transcript for this episode here.

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