Talking Therapies: ‘How can I move on from grief?’

Welcome back to another episode of our Talking Therapies podcast, produced in partnership with Psychologies Magazine. In this episode we are discussing our relationship with grief and why it is so misunderstood with UKCP psychotherapist Julia Samuel.

In this episode, Julia speaks to Sarah Niblock, the CEO of the UKCP.

Julia says: ‘A new loss will always bring back a previous loss. It doesn’t mean you haven’t grieved it but it goes in your body to the same place. And I suppose what I learned is both that the pain is incredibly intense, but with the right support people do have an incredible capacity and I think a sort of evolutionary drive to survive and get on.

‘People don’t want to be feeling this bad, they want to be able to reengage with life.’

In this month’s Psychologies magazine, Chief Executive, Prof Sarah Niblock, discusses the importance of checking in with ourselves after a loss, she writes: ‘Every individual has unique needs when coping with loss, but we must check in with ourselves to make sure we aren’t delaying healing or doing ourselves more harm.’

'How to deal with grief' article

'How to deal with grief' article

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