Talking Therapies: Have you experienced cybertrauma?

Some experiences can leave us with traumatic memories.

Often when we think of trauma, we don’t think about what we experience online. But cyberbullying, cyberstalking and seeing graphic video and picture content can leave us feeling confused, upset and even angry.

So, what is cybertrauma and how does it impact our emotional wellbeing? Our CEO Sarah Niblock speaks to UKCP psychotherapist Catherine Knibbs to find out.

‘As therapists we really need to open our eyes to what this technology is, how it can impact our clients and allow them the space to really explain and explore the anxiety they might feel.’

And in the article for Psychologies Magazine, Catherine sets out five ways to reduce your risk of experiencing cybertrauma.

Tools to overcome cyber trauma article

Tools to overcome cyber trauma article

  • Seeking therapy

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