Talking Therapies: Divorce – From surviving to thriving

Divorce can often turn into a blame game, in which the main aim is to come out on top.

This month Martin Pollecoff, psychotherapist and chair of the UKCP, sat down with our CEO Sarah Niblock, to discuss the conflict that can often ensue after divorce.

‘The changes people go through are massive and that’s why you need a therapist to guide you through that change.’

Stay tuned to find out how you can thrive after this life-altering event.

In her feature for Psychologies Magazine our CEO Professor Sarah Niblock writes: ‘Divorce may be a welcome release from a troubled relationship, but there’s no doubting it can be traumatic and stressful for the couple and their family and friends.’

'Get through divorce and heal' article

'Get through divorce and heal' article

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