Psychotherapy and me: How does living with diabetes affect your mental health?

Welcome to our first UKCP podcast, Psychotherapy and Me.

In this episode, UKCP’s Head of Content and Engagement Matt Nicholls sat down with Dan Howarth, the Head of Care at Diabetes UK and UKCP psychotherapist and psychotherapy lead at Diabetes Care for You, a NHS diabetes service in Sussex, Jackie Fosbury to discuss diabetes and mental health.

Did you know that nearly a third of people living with diabetes relied on self-help materials at some point.

It is evident that living with a long-term health condition can impact you emotionally, so we turned to two experts to find out more.

Fosbury says: ‘People who feel stigmatised don’t always attend their appointments because they’re acting as if they don’t have the condition.’

Diabetes UK And Jackie Fosbury Transcript

Read the transcript for this episode here.

If you or someone you know is struggling with any of the issues discussed in this podcast you can find support by finding a UKCP psychotherapist near you, or by contacting:

Diabetes UK: 0345 123 2399 or visit

In an emergency, call: 999

NHS (England), call: 111

NHS Direct (Wales), call: 0845 46 47

The Samaritans 24-hour helpline, call: 116 123

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