My Psychotherapy Career: Therapeutic support in times of a crisis

What role does the psychotherapeutic professions play in times of world crisis?

In this episode, Helen talks to UKCP psychotherapist Martin Weaver about his work providing psychological support during the 80s AIDS epidemic and the London Bombings of 2005.

Martin goes on to speak about his path through the NHS as a HIV Prevention Co-ordinator, where he began exploring training in psychotherapy. He reveals how he navigated the cost and logistics of training in the 1990s and what led him open up a private practice. 

‘When one works in a large organisation like a local authority or the NHS, you get a much broader experience. You, like it or not, come face to face with people and have to work with people from a huge range of backgrounds, a huge range of cultures, a huge range of professions and experience, and that still feeds into to my work today with individual clients.’

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Martin Weaver Transcript

Read the transcript for this episode here.


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