My psychotherapy career: Supporting survivors of sexual violence

How can community-based psychotherapeutic work help people affected by trauma?

Often what makes trauma traumatic is the fact that someone’s been harmed by person or situation that may be out of their control. Sexual violence can affect anyone.  UKCP psychotherapist Erene Hadjiioannou utilises her specialist skill set to help people of any gender overcome the trauma they may have experienced.

In this episode, Erene talks about her psychotherapy journey and what led her to begin working within the community offering workshops and talks on traumatic stress.

‘I think trauma and sexual violence can be quite scary and anxiety-inducing topics for therapists, but I think once we do more work to be of service for any type of survivor of trauma we might experience, there’s definitely a confidence that can come from working with that.’

In this episode, we speak to UKCP psychotherapists Erene Hadjiioannou about her work with survivors and what drew her to utilising her psychotherapeutic expertise within the community.

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Erene Hadjiioannou Transcript

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