My psychotherapy career: Residential work with young people

How can residential therapeutic communities benefit children and young people?

Starting his career working in youth services in the 80s, UKCP psychotherapeutic counsellor Gary Yexley went on to work in special education and then residential care before finding his place in residential therapeutic communities. Working psychotherapeutically with children and young people in this setting, Gary went on to become the Chief Executive of The Institute of Integrated Systemic Therapy, also known as Childhood First, an organisational member of UKCP that specialises in the 24/7 therapeutic residential treatment of severely traumatised children and young people.

In this episode Gary talks to our Head of Content and Engagement Helen Willingham about training psychotherapeutically within residential therapeutic communities and how this way of working can be particularly beneficial to the complex needs of these children and young people. 

‘When I discovered therapeutic residential communities or therapeutic communities as they have been traditionally referred to, I was amazed at how this setting could look after some of the most needy children that we have and that they could provide something very unique for these children and young people that other settings couldn’t provide.’

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Gary Yexley Transcript

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