My Psychotherapy Career: How to get started in research

What leads a psychotherapeutic professional into research?

In this episode Helen Willingham, our head of content and engagement, talks to UKCP psychotherapist Melissa Cliffe.

Melissa aways felt a calling to the psychological professions and after exploring a career in marketing she felt ready to shift her focus onto pursuing psychotherapy training.

During her career Melissa because connected to her experience of midlife and the existential questioning about her fundamental self. This led her to specialise in midlife, ageing and appearance, particularly for women. Identifying a lack of resources addressing this transitional phase, she delved into research.

‘I’m looking at how physical appearance is addressed between female therapists and female clients because I’ve been looking for what’s missing in our literature, what hasn’t been addressed yet, and this seems to be an area that hasn’t had any attention.’

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